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Coronal Polishing procedures in the state of California must be done under the general supervision of a licensed dentist. A dental assistant must hold an California Coronal Polishing License to do the procedure. In order to qualify, one must pass the DANB’s Coronal Polishing exam and submit an California Coronal Polishing Clinical Skills Affidavit by a licensed dentist or coronal polishing educator/instructor. After these requirements have been successfully completed, you will recieve the California Coronal Polishing License from DANB.

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This is a course designed for practicing dental assistants who are preparing to take the DANB Coronal Polising exam. During this course, the student will engage in classroom lecture and hands-on instruction reviewing objectives required by a licensed coronal polishing dental assistant. The course will cover……

While you’re busy studying for your coronal polishing license, it will help tremendously to have a clear idea of exactly what material will be covered on test day. The coronal polishing exam is composed of 100 multiple choice questions, and you’ll have 75 minutes to complete the exam. Below are some examples of topics you can expect to see on your exam, with approximately how many questions will be asked for each.



Once you have completed the course and feel confident in your ability to complete the exam, you will need to contact us to schedule and pay for the exam. The cost for taking the Coronal Polishing exam is $150 and the completion certificate is $30.

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