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About L.A. Dental Careers

Choosing the right school for dental assistant training couldn’t be more important. We have been voted best dental assistant school in Los Angeles by students. We are also known as the Best Trade School in Los Angeles. Also voted the best dental assistant school in Los Angeles, California. We offer flexible schedules. Plus we provide flexible payment plans to suit any budget. Picking the right school and achieving your career goals depends on making the right choice. Public recognition from experts in career education tops the list of important considerations. And that’s one of the very reasons L.A. Dental Careers is the right choice.

Experienced Dental Assistants School in LA
Best Trade School in Los Angeles

More Than 17 Years Of Experience

L.A. Dental Careers has been known for its unwavering commitment to excellence and the success of its graduates.

Market Excellence

L.A. Dental Careers has been training Dental Assistants and helping them gain employment in dental offices and clinics all throughout California.

L.A. Dental Careers is owned and operated by Dr. Don Mungcal

Providing Excellent Dental Care Is Our Objective

High Performance In Dentistry

This kind of public recognition means a lot when choosing a school. It means vital standards are upheld and results are proven. It means that students, graduates and graduate employers are served effectively and are satisfied. This is one of many good reasons to make L.A. Dental Careers the right school for you. We have the finest trade school in Los Angeles, California  and we love our students.

High-Quality Dental Aesthetics

Graduate from  L.A. Dental Careers you can be ready to launch your career quickly and successfully. With more than 28 years of combined experience and well-recognized approved programs for Dental Assisting, we’ve lots of women and men from a variety of backgrounds achieve success—we are ready to do the same for you.

"Smile Again"

About L.A. Dental Careers

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